Bravo Annette and Ed Harris! Great performances!

By Calylily
Written March 16, 2014
What great performances - so soon after the Academy Awards?! This virtually never happens as it seems the lousy stuff always gets thrown at us earlier in the year! A great character study of a difficult situation - the script could have been better, but the performances given overshadowed that . . . you don't see that very often! It was so great to see Ed Harris again - where has he been? - and looking good! But as always, Annette Benning in another sterling performance! The ending grabbed me and pulled me through the eye of that needle. So glad I went! Surprised its only at one theater in the OC! But that should change very soon! All my friends are anxious to see it! Bravo!!
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By jeffny2003
Written April 27, 2014
Worthwhile picture for the strong acting performance of Annette Benning. The storyline is a bit hokey and requires some suspension of belief to maintain your interest. Excellent chemistry with Ed Harris.
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I loved this romantic film about women of a certain age

By Cianne
Written April 11, 2014
Annette Benning and Ed Harris do some of their most beautiful work in this strange but lovely film.
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By mrworldwide
Written March 10, 2014
its mr worlwide, ya.ty sabes. dale. ok this MOVIE. GON MAKE U CRY YO DON'T WATCH AHAHHAHAHAHAA
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Those grieving will "get" it

By mocacarter
Written April 20, 2014
This movie won't appeal to you if you haven't lost someone close. It needed a little more in my opinion but it was enjoyable. I would have liked to see Tom with a mousy ache or some kind of facial hair to distinguish him from Garrett.
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