Bravo Annette and Ed Harris! Great performances!

By Calylily
Written March 16, 2014
What great performances - so soon after the Academy Awards?! This virtually never happens as it seems the lousy stuff always gets thrown at us earlier in the year! A great character study of a difficult situation - the script could have been better, but the performances given overshadowed that . . . you don't see that very often! It was so great to see Ed Harris again - where has he been? - and looking good! But as always, Annette Benning in another sterling performance! The ending grabbed me and pulled me through the eye of that needle. So glad I went! Surprised its only at one theater in the OC! But that should change very soon! All my friends are anxious to see it! Bravo!!
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By climbtraditional
Written March 09, 2014
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By wolflingdaddy
Written April 22, 2014
Acting was wonderful. A little predictable with obvious foreshadowing. Original premise and a few nice twists.
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That Fabulouse Face of Love

By kidwicked16
Written August 12, 2014
Annette Bening is absolutely amazing and Ed Harris still has that rugged distinguished air about him. (The Face of Love) is the story of a grieving widow who still very much in love with her late husband is shocked to run into a man who looks exactly like him. the movie takes on a Hitchcocktian feel reminiscent of vertigo as Annette tries to keep the knowledge of her husbands resemblance from Harris. For anyone who is a fan of these two amazing actors I would definitely recommend it, but bring your tissues cause the ending left me in tears...
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By jeffny2003
Written April 27, 2014
Worthwhile picture for the strong acting performance of Annette Benning. The storyline is a bit hokey and requires some suspension of belief to maintain your interest. Excellent chemistry with Ed Harris.
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