The Face of Love Synopsis
Five years after losing the love her life, Nikki falls in love again with a man who looks exactly like her deceased husband.
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Bravo Annette and Ed Harris! Great performances!

By Calylily
What great performances - so soon after the Academy Awards?! This virtually never happens as it seems the lousy stuff always gets thrown at us earlier in the year! A great character study of a...


By jeffny2003
Worthwhile picture for the strong acting performance of Annette Benning. The storyline is a bit hokey and requires some suspension of belief to maintain your interest. Excellent chemistry with Ed...

I loved this romantic film about women of a certain age

By Cianne
Annette Benning and Ed Harris do some of their most beautiful work in this strange but lovely film....


By mrworldwide
its mr worlwide, ya.ty sabes. dale. ok this MOVIE. GON MAKE U CRY YO DON'T WATCH AHAHHAHAHAHAA...

Those grieving will "get" it

By mocacarter
This movie won't appeal to you if you haven't lost someone close. It needed a little more in my opinion but it was enjoyable. I would have liked to see Tom with a mousy ache or some kind of facial...

That Fabulouse Face of Love

By kidwicked16
Annette Bening is absolutely amazing and Ed Harris still has that rugged distinguished air about him. (The Face of Love) is the story of a grieving widow who still very much in love with her late...

By climbtraditional

By wolflingdaddy
Acting was wonderful. A little predictable with obvious foreshadowing. Original premise and a few nice twists....

By ty.mann88
Nice story about love lost then fou d again. story line could've been a bit better. but overall good...

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Rated NR | For Brief Drug References