See the ORIGINAL first!

By harrlj
Written January 16, 2008
I haven't seen this film yet, but I will be; if just to compare it to the original Asian w/ English subtitles version by Oxide and Danny Pang (read the LA Times Manohla Dargis review). The original was one of THE MOST SCARY films I have ever seen. American movies typically set up a scary scene with some suspensful music and scene pacing. Not so in the original. There is NO music and the surprises are somewhat off tempo, which causes the scary parts to make you jump out of your seat and give you goose bumps when they happen. Plus, having to follow the subtitles draws you into the film even more. There is also a very unique visual quality to the film that makes it very intriguing. I hope Liongate Films does this one justice.
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I think is cool

By cda123
Written October 31, 2014
It sounds very cool I love that kind of movie and Jessica Alba is a very good atress
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Recycled Six sense

By Agotado
Written February 03, 2008
Typical american scary movie in which they use sound and shots that you cant make up a face nothing , just split second shots and thumping and sudden noise to make you jump. The story is that of six sense, with a grudge feel. Movie basically is of a girl looking for the way to get rid of what she was seeing through the eyes of the donor (mexican girl) ... which were spirits thats about it... no purpose ... annoying part is a little kid asking her if she has seen his report card and later we find that he suffer head trauma. The best part in this whole movie is alba in the shower looking at her through the glass and then her getting dressed. Other than that , is typical thump, boom, screaming reaper and nothing more. You come out w/ an empty feel of " all those previews for this?" ... OH yeah and most of the audiences are young teens and you know how they get .
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just a scary movie.

By edmart89
Written January 21, 2008
Terrible actress in a scary movie.
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totally bad and not interesting

By tutty44445670
Written January 24, 2008
jessica alba is not good enough of actress to play in this role and they cant exactly make a whole storyline of unreal hallucinations bad!!!
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