The Express

By conradwsba1
Written October 13, 2008
I really enjoyed this movie because Rob Brown did a very good job of playing Ernie Davis.
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The Express - Scored! A triumph! GRADE: A-average

Written October 03, 2008
I just attended the advance press screening of this UP-LIFTING well-crafted 140-minute movie based on Robert C. Gallagher's autobiography of Ernie Davis who was a Syracuse University football player and was the first African-American to win the Heisman Trophy. The Express, by director Gary Fleder, transcended race and football - it was about the human spirit in the face of adversities and daunting challenges. The issues are clear-cut black and white - themes explored are teamwork/individual effort, success/failure, tenacity/courage/hope, racism, and believing/working for your dream(s). The cinematography by Kramer Morgenthau was gorgeous - visually-striking. Compelling FIRST-RATE performance by the ensemble - kudos to the principals, Dennis Quaid and Rob Brown. The Express breezed along at a nice pace - riveted the audience - made us all cheer and clapped many times - and it received a resounding ovation at the end. Recommendation: A MUST-SEE. And bring the kids!
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By camaro909
Written October 13, 2008
This was a great movie. I think everyone would enjoy watching this movie.
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A true 5 star movie.

By highrise511
Written October 11, 2008
If you wanna see a good movie, then this is a movie for you folks. A black man winnin, doin black thangs, winnin tha white mans trophy. NOTE: I only wrote that review in response to the negative review "Not exactly accurate" by SlipShadow. Its not a serious statement. Remember people. This movie was only >>BASED<< off a true story. My honest opinion of the movie: This is one of the best movies i've seen this year. It's not the best movie ever made, but its really good. I laughed, I was amazed, I was entertained, and my girlfriend cryed. (Im a man, I dont cry). There is one messege they left out, and I think that all athelets should get from this movie. DONT rely on sports. If you have the opportunity, such as a full paid scholarship to college, take advantage of it and get an education and a degree. It might come in handy. Even tho it wouldnt have helped the main character out much seeing as he...... -If you wanna see if the movie is good or not.... Just go see it.
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“THE EXPRESS” – A FAST Track To Understanding Race Problems & Football =

By jimchudnow
Written September 18, 2008
Having performed in some scenes of this film (largely shot in the Chicago area), I was especially interested in seeing what they'd “do” with the story of ERNIE DAVIS, the first African-American man to win the Heisman Trophy. I was impressed with the work done at framing his background & difficulties growing up and achieving football success in the often-racist America of the 1950’s & ’60’s. ROB BROWN does a first-rate job playing collegiate Ernie, DENNIS QUAID (who in person astutely spoke of how he feels the story hits you both in the “gut” & in the “heart”) gives a finely nuanced turn as the Syracuse coach, and the various supporting players (including OMAR BENSON MILLER as Ernie’s teammate & CHARLES S. DUTTON as his grandfather) add to the effectiveness of a story that’s both sad & uplifting at various points. The football scenes are very effectively filmed, the story “WORKS”, and I thus found it a very successful commentary on human relationships, trials, tribulations and successes
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