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PG-13 killed this movie

Written December 19, 2014
Why would they go and make this movie PG-13 when the last two were rated R and STILL made TONS of money??? It's sooo noticeable that this movie is way tamer than the other two... Sure there have been some good action movies that are PG-13 and push the rating to it's limit which they kind of try to do here, but because of what we were used to as far as the action and such in the other movies and that not carrying over to this one makes it feel like a different movie and not as fun as the other two... One good thing though is Sly Stallone FINALLY shaving that ridiculous goatee he had in the other two... As a whole though this was the weakest and worst one out of the 3.. TBH They should have had Mel Gibson as the villain in the 2nd movie and Van Damme in this movie (as well as keeping it rated R).. He would have fit a lot better as the villain in this movie because they under-utilized him in the 2nd movie... Wait for DVD/Bluray... Definitely not worth the money to see in theaters...
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Expendables 3

By Jackieegomez55
Written February 10, 2016
This movie was really good for people who like real good action movies this is for you.
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Expendables delivers again.

By Cuban_Superman
Written December 19, 2014
I got exactly what was advertised. You already know what you're getting with this franchise and they don't dissapoint.
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Awesome movie!!!

By hades2315
Written December 19, 2014
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tom liquori's cheese flicks.

By tliquori77
Written December 19, 2014
It's so bad but so good. If you like old school action cheese like me, then go see it.
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