So-o-o-o very much better than the first one!!

By jmg68
Written February 11, 2016
Saw it with daughter and husband. We all enjoyed it. All the main actors played true to type-- poking tongue in cheek fun at the old "kick a**" movies characters they are known for. Oldies music at key points just adds to the humor. Lots of blood and violence but for some reason it wasn't offensive. van Damme as the villain (pay close attention to his name in the movie) is very good. Chuck Norris makes a great entrance. Stallone is Stallone. Statham gets to show his stuff without driving. If you like Rambo/Terminator/Transporter/Walker Texas Ranger type stuff, this movie takes a fun loving poke at them. So-o-o-o very much better than the first one!!
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A lot of funny one liners

By katyagordon
Written October 14, 2015
It was an ok action flick, the best part of the movie was seeing all the action stars in one place and hearing all the one liners. The plot and even some of the stunts were predictable but all that was worth the humor.
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A Great Ride for us Action Movie Junkies

By gdamovies
Written August 01, 2015
Expendables 2 was a true homage to the genre filled with great one-liners and references to the movies we loved. A must see ride. I would definitely take the trip again!
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You know what you're getting yourself into

By l3linkin182
Written May 02, 2016
It's all the action stars I grew up with. It was a blast seeing them all interact. Didn't think it would happen but it was very enjoyable and fun.
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Fun Campy Excitement

By edrees
Written May 03, 2016
Obviously you're not considering this movie for it's artistic value. It has what you expect - nearly non-stop action, lots of blown-up, shot, stabbed and beat-down bad guys. Nearly every action hero you can think of is in this one, and they poke fun at everyone's one-liners.
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