great movie

By seankyleb
Written August 18, 2012
I give this move 3 stars just on sheer action packed awesomeness that was in it. another star for the script. but it was corny and over acted but good a honest 3.5 star movies
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Great Movie!! Lots of Action!!

By scoot1105
Written August 18, 2012
The method acting was so-so at best(Van Damme as a bad guy? Not a good idea!), but i loved all the action!!! Seeing Chuck Norris take out all those guys in 10 seconds was funny as hell!! The whole theater got a kick out of that. Considering i've never seen the first movie, it was pretty good. Definitely recommend it!
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Good but not Great

By madthinker
Written August 17, 2012
I liked the movie but it wasn't as exciting as the original. It has plenty of action and some funny moments. They do one thing in a hostage situation that no one in the military would ever do--very bad, but required for the rest of the movie to take place. If you had to choose one action movie this weekend I would go with Bourne, but again Exp2 is good but it's only good. And those who don't like 80's action movies, please don't go to see this movie and then whine about how unrealistic it is, that's just stupid.
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By ampdup919
Written September 30, 2014
many older but decent actors but this movie can be explained in 2 words , gawd awful or it sucked , you can choose which 2 after seeing this flick , bringing back lines from old flicks was pretty dumb,the story wasnt much better and the volume in the theater we went to was outrageous to the point you couldnt understand there lines , during action scenes people were putting there hands over there ears which just added to same ole same ole movie , save your money and save yourself from a headache
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totally awesome!

By Skullcandydreamer
Written August 20, 2012
this movie is so good, it made me laugh and somewhat tear up so i loved it ! it was the best of all worlds for me and totally worth watching because of the cast ! and come on the action ! i took my father and mother to go see it and he was on the edge of his seat watching people get their butt kicked! he loved it as well and so did my mom she was there cracking up and it was great for my family to go see. i totally recommend everyone to see it because it was great for the whole family, except for the young ones! make sure you get a baby sitter ! :)
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