Expendables 2

By ryley kai killin
Written August 18, 2012
It was way better than the first one ever was the cast they put in this one mad it more believeable than the first one. The movie was never boring in any part to me it beat the new batman movie all the way back to gothan. They put all the old school actors in great parts. Stalone did a great job with this one, it was way better than that last rambo he did a couple of years ago.
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Very cool movie, full of action, and funny too

By nng
Written September 27, 2016
I never went to the first one, so I thought maybe this one was going to be stupid- however...it was really hilarious and just an overall cool movie. It's not just that the movie was full of action, really OLD stars, cool one liners and cheesy ones too, it was also funny. While I never really understood the true plot of the movie in the beginning, the rest was apparently vengeance for someone who got killed, but it just ended up becoming an awesome action packed entertaining movie...the fight scenes were really good too, with each character just coming out heroic a good fighter etc...stallone was old, yes and worn out but still pretty cool...there were plenty of really cheesy humorous lines too done pretty well, and chuck norris's character was pretty funny. the only complaint I had was that it wasn't longer--it seemed to breeze by and I wish there was more action and more storyline...overall would definitely recommend to go...it's a fun ride for sure...
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A Welcome Reprieve from the Cookie-Cutter, Sterile, PG-13 Superhero Movies

By schmusey
Written August 18, 2012
As a man in his mid 20's who grew up idolizing Sylvester Stallone and the like, it is easy for me to get nostalgic when watching Expendables 2. It has the same feel as the some of the classics such as Commando (without the uber-cheesyness), and Street Fighter (without the ridiculous plot). It is literally non-stop action with little in the way of dramatic interlude, just what I wanted. It's far from perfect, however, and it missed being a classic in and of itself because of the following missteps: - Like the first movie, you feel as if you are watching a primer on action movies which detracts from the actual feel the movie-makers intended. It's as if you are watching a tutorial on shoot-em ups. - The scenes between the action sequences, although genuinely funny in some cases, are convoluted and feel incredibly arbitrary. - The Chinese woman doesn't execute the roll of the sexy secret agent well and could have been cast more effectively.
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The bad ***action stars of 80's the expendables

By Sunny-G
Written May 29, 2016
The movie is complete package for movie lovers who love 80's action movies of Stallone, Schwarzenegger, Bruce Willis, Chuck Norris. I wish Bruce Lee was still alive he would have been a far much better then Jet Li, altogether it's a awesome movie, can't wait to get it on DVD already.
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Awesome in every way.

By blaskey23
Written August 18, 2012
The Expendables 2 had everything: Incredible action sequences, humor, rugged looks in all, romance, and drama to include a sad story. Sly, Arnold, Bruce, Jet, and Jean-Claude all awesome - they need to make more films, not retire! It was great to see Jean-Claude's round house again!
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