The Exorcist Director’s Cut Event Synopsis
The scariest film of all time on the big screen along with footage from the making of the film.

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Excellent Film, Excellent Features

By Hedgemon
The film is a horror classic, despite the director and screenwriter swearing up and down it's not intended to be. If you haven't seen it, it's out on Blu-Ray now, and should be viewed with a careful...


By travismyers10
The Exorcist Director's Cut is a must see for any fan of this classic. This was my first chance to see it in theaters and I'm couldn't be happier I took this opportunity. The movie and the behind the...


By bmnatty
An amazing film. I used to be very terrified to watch this film but my most recent viewing had me appreciating the depth and quality of the actors. This was a very realistic portrayal of how people...

Five Word Review

By irritant
Scarier on the big screen...


By raulmark
This is a classic. Take away all the "possesion, Exorcism" scenes and you get a gripping, human drama about Faith, illness and real people. Well paced that slowly built up to the "horror" demonic...

Excellent!! Even better in a theater!

By big_al
I love the big screen. I've seen this movie a few times on TV, but watching it on the big screen with no commercials and uncut is so much better. It's still a frightening movie. But what comes out...


By Verragood_70
I am sure I would have LOVED it but my local theater had "TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES" and did not show the movie. Apparently this has happend to them several times and not just with Fathom Events. They...

Five Word Review

By boxofficebuff
This is still a classic!...


By bcole89

A Classic Like it's never seen before

By TimmyFu
I was so excited to see that a new directors cut was coming back to the big screen again. I'm a huge fan of the 70's horror film genre and this was a classic then and what a treat it was last...

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Rated R | For Strong language and disturbing images