By Ashley82303
Written May 12, 2007
Well, I have to say I liked the movie.. It was a good mix of funny/serious. Sometimes you feel that a certain character is a little "over the top" but other than that, it's hilarious. I love ZB, he's a great actor.
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the ex

By jigga5599
Written May 12, 2007
funnest movie ive seen in awhile.laughed the whole way through.definately a must see
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the ex

By mcbrett
Written May 12, 2007
on the stupid side but good cast
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The Ex!

By motherteresa35
Written May 11, 2007
Of course i'll see The Ex, Zach is in my top 8 on Myspace, why wouldn't I? I can imagine if I had seen it and then I were to write my review, I would say something like this: The Ex is a delightful comedic romp surrounding a love triangle, starring Zach Braff in yet another brilliant performance. Expect great things from Braff. A+
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Go, If there nothing else to see

By NathanielQueen
Written May 14, 2007
A very filmsy dark comedy.
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