The Errand of Angels Synopsis
Rachel Taylor has been called to serve in the Austria Vienna mission.
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Errand of Angles

By Celeste sweeney
I thought it showed to realness of how a mission would be. I also think that the acters in it were good. The acters were new which is good. The meaning behind it was Amazing and as a veiwer I felt...

Errand of Angels

By lindalou0601
It was really good and true to life experiences of Mormon Missionaries. A must see for everyone....

Quite good compared to other LDS-themed movies

By durichards
I've had a hard time relating to a lot of the "LDS Community" movies. Most have been a bit too campy or light on the serious content, though some of the humor has been good. As a result, I have...

The Errand of Angels

By sherrysrussell
I liked the movie. I thought it was slow in the beginning and "too perfect" but as the story developed, it became more realistic and believable. The countryside was beautiful. Sister Taylor was...

Errand of Angels

By tracydr
The movie was easy to realte to especially for return missionaries but the plot was weak and I felt that it was full of little experiences but there wasn't a main theme running through out the flick....

The Errand of Angels

By janlallen
Ever since age 5, she wanted to be a missionary. A great story told about the Church of Jesus Christ Latter-day Saints missionaries’ witnessing to the people of Austria. How we can come to a deeper...

Worth seeing

By weiroblpay
I liked the show because it had some nice moments in it that are reminiscent of missionary work in general and work in a foreign country in particular. There were a few touching moments that were...

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Rated PG | For some thematic material