The End of the Tour Synopsis
Writer David Lipsky interviews author David Foster Wallace (Jason Segel) for Rolling Stone magazine.
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A movie that lives up to it's tagline.

By vinceklug
"Imagine the greatest conversations you've ever had." The lofty aspirations this movie's tagline sets up are certainly met. This movie was incredible and one of the most brilliant character driven...

best filmi of 2015 so far

By acsntn
Wonderful script. Fantastic performance by Jason Segel....

Extremely well spent 2 hours

By NormanW5

Talk Talk Talk

By mconnolly794
Beautifully acted, the film tells a compelling story despite being essentially a non-stop intellectual dialogue....

The End of the Tour

By goldenduv
Extraordinary film! Moving and touching and revealing and engaging Gets you into the mind and feelings and life of David Foster Wallace, as much as he could,. It is engrossing and unpretentious and...

Oustanding, thoughtful, nuanced & moving

By silveryjessica
Jason Segel has always been dependably good. I've liked him very much in past films, even the less-than-stellar ones, as he has always managed to convey a genuine combination of pathos and humor. I...

Mediocrity Deprivation

By Chucky_Bob
Stimulating and emotionally provocative concepts dealing with self actualized fear and loathing are the main courses in this academia laced feast for the senses. Brilliant and inspiring portrayals...


By hkaplan918
This was a sad, beautiful and wondrously intelligent film. The acting was tremendous. The script was literate and alternately funny and heartbreaking. I cannot recommend it enough....

Excellent Movie

By jcasevilla
Excellent movie, not the type of movie you'd expect from Jason Segal....

DFW lives on through the performance of Jason Segel

By AliceMPhillips
Jason Segel's performance as David Foster Wallace is unbelievable: he has the voice, the tone, the mannerisms, and the look down cold. He had me hanging on his every word and mourning DFW's death...

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Rated R | For Some Sexual References and Language
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Common Sense Media says Brilliant, intuitive, mature look at a unique friendship.
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