The Electric Daisy Carnival Event Synopsis, Moby, Kaskade and others perform at the prestigious electronic music festival.

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Electric Daisy Festival

By maryan6303
What an incredibly awesome show!!!!!! I felt like I was there in L.A. as a part of this "Cirque De Soleil" , "Carnival", "Woodstock" Happening...What a shame it was for only one night. I especially...


By Normantron
It was great to see behind the scenes in making the electric daisy carnival. I loved seeing what some of my favorite artist do in the own time when not touring...

The Electric Daisy Carnival Event review

By juliedale
No Utah Theaters are caring the premier!...

Electric Daisy Carnival experience

By Nitemare Gal
Why am I getting a request to review a movie that was cancelled??? Did it happen after all? Why were we not informed and if it did happen then why was it cancelled to begin with!!...


By adee312
the fact that it was canceled is very upsetting!!!!...


By ineed12beers
I am very dissappointed that the movie was cancelled. I was impressed with the speed in getting my refund back...but I really wanted to see the movie. I'm well aware that Fandango had NOTHING to do...

Great Movie...So I Hear

By darklegion00
Too bad it was CANCELLED!!!...


By ashyneon8909
after driving all the way from waxahachie to burleson showing everything was going pretty decent untill the screen went completly black and for sum strang reason no one could find the manager. this...

EDC The Experience

By M_oakley
It was awesome! AMC and Regal made a very poor decision in pulling the movie from their theaters! Thankfully not everyone felt the same way they did. It was well worth the drive to see this movie!...

Theater was not prepared for cancellation

By Lamigra806
We attended the Midland, Tx showing and drove 2 hours to see the film due to being cancelled all over the US for the incident in Hollywood a few weeks ago. I was looking forward to seeing the film...

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