The Drop Box Presented by Focus on the Family Synopsis
Don’t miss the powerful tale of one pastor’s heroic efforts to protect the most vulnerable members of society when Focus on the Family Presents The Drop Box.

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By acdaley6358
If you have the opportunity to see this movie, take it. This movie moved me in ways I really can't explain. I'm very excited to see it again!...

The Drop Box

By hannahlamphere92
Life changing! I am God's orphan child because he choose me....

By jennarjohnston
Definitely a must see!!!...

drop box movie

By chrisa8
great movie about a wonderful man filled with Gods grace. we need more people with a genuine heart like his. god bless you pastor!!!...

A must see!

By finslauren
very inspiring and heart warning movie! whether you are Christians or not, it will move you so deeply!...

The Dropbox. ..BEAUTIFUL

By kimgreener
Makes you truly step back and question your true purpose in this brief life....

This is what God's love looks like.

By sherrihampton1
This was a powerful and deeply moving documentary. We brought our two teenagers and it was very beneficial for all of us to experience. Had some good discussion afterwards, too. So many beautiful...

Boycott Focus on the Family

By Smithermania
These people are horrible. They very likely disagree with most aspects of your heathen lives....

All life has value

By pastorjohn55
For an artistic expression of film, Brian Ivie took us into the tough place of human brokenness and brought value and dignity to the surface. Thank God for His glory shining in the lives of those...

a movie that makes you think

By yay531
not only korea but also all over the world has a problem of abandoning children especially those disabled or those single teenage mothers. this movie really made me think about love and care for...

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