Very good twist!

By zaringi
Written May 23, 2011
I really liked this movie, very original plot and unespected twists! The actors and the dialogiue were excellent!!! Nice Job!
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The Double Hour

By isshugar
Written June 26, 2011
I liked the movie which kept me thinking throughout. Interesting plot with many surprising twist. My criticism is the until the near end of the film I did not know which scenes were real or unreal.
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The Double Hour: A Convoluted Mess Lost In Translation

By Alon Patterson
Written July 29, 2011
Fair is fair. We go to movies to be entertained, right? Some movies do, some don't. For me, this one didn't. Subtitles don't bother me a bit. Neither do things like poor lighting, dreary sets, marginal acting ability, etc. One thing matters above all others to me...the story. If it's good, all the other stuff gets pushed to the sideline. Sadly this story, although having a convoluted twist or two, is an inferior product in any language. If you've seen everything on the screen, everything on TV, even everything in your video library, I'd recommend a book before paying today's ticket prices to see this. It's not even worth the sitting if it were free and they threw in the popcorn and soda. Don't look for this on pay TV either. That market will never touch it. Likely this one will be relegated to the $1 equivalent DVD bins in Uruguay. Just my viewpoint.
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A Must See

By iiisticks
Written May 15, 2011
Keeps you on the edge of your seat with twists and turns that leaves you talking about the movie for days to come!!!
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slow going

By sakillets
Written June 18, 2011
Movie started out great, kept following good story line.... Then slowed to a terrible ending. Terrible, slow, complex. Not a movie I'd watch again.
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