The Double Hour Synopsis
A couple's (Filippo Timi, Ksenia Rappoport) romantic getaway takes an unexpectedly dark turn.
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Very good twist!

By zaringi
I really liked this movie, very original plot and unespected twists! The actors and the dialogiue were excellent!!! Nice Job!...

The Double Hour

By isshugar
I liked the movie which kept me thinking throughout. Interesting plot with many surprising twist. My criticism is the until the near end of the film I did not know which scenes were real or unreal....

The Double Hour: A Convoluted Mess Lost In Translation

By Al P
Fair is fair. We go to movies to be entertained, right? Some movies do, some don't. For me, this one didn't. Subtitles don't bother me a bit. Neither do things like poor lighting, dreary sets,...

A Must See

By iiisticks
Keeps you on the edge of your seat with twists and turns that leaves you talking about the movie for days to come!!!...

slow going

By sakillets
Movie started out great, kept following good story line.... Then slowed to a terrible ending. Terrible, slow, complex. Not a movie I'd watch again....

By j.aime.cinema

Was there a point to this movie, other than insipid attempts

By elaray13

keeps you guessing right to the last minute

By ktarnow
for a sophisticated audience this is a well done, intriguing film....

Engaging, but disappointing

By dornbiker
Smart character development, but in the end the film relies on a disappointing "woken from a coma" gimmick. After building sympathy for a character, we're then turned around to see the character as...

Top Shelf Romantic Thriller

By neildorrel
I loved this movie. Seeing it reminds one that film can truly be an art form, capable of evoking moving human emotions. After seeing so many mainstream American movies that all seem like such...

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