Filmmaker Wayne Price offers an humorous glimpse into the glamorous New York City nightclub scene with this profile of the man who determines just how the rest of your night will ultimately unfold. When a documentary crew sets out to explore the ultra-hip Gotham nightclub scene, they determine that the best guide to have is the man who separates the wannabes from the glamorous elite. Though at first Trevor seems like the perfect guide to the hottest spots in New York and Miami, the filmmakers gradually become savvy to the fact that this self-centered doorman has in fact lost his job and, as a result, his sense of identity. Subsequently prompted to embark on a soul-searching quest to find out who he really is, Trevor confides his deepest, most profound secrets to the film crew in a series of revelations that are sure to send red-rope rejects into fits of laughter. ~ Jeremy Wheeler, Rovi

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