• Released
  • May 16, 2014
  • (Limited NYC; May 30 in LA)
  • NR , 1 hr 44 min
  • Comedy
The Discoverers Synopsis
A charming bittersweet comedy starring Oscar and Emmy nominee Griffin Dunne about a dysfunctional family forced on a Lewis and Clark historical reenactment trek who discover themselves and each other as they make their own passage across America....
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Movie Reviews

Wonderful Movie

By abratone
A truly outstanding new indie film. My wife and I loved it. Beautifully acted, starring Griffin Dunne, and directed by Justin Schwarz it is an exceptional delight from beginning to end. Funny,...

Lovely, honest indie road movie

By gardenish
Please go see The Discoverers, Justin Schwarz's impressive debut film. This movie is funny, heart-breaking, subtle, and unpretentious. It tells the story of a dysfunctional family that is forced onto...

The Discoverers is an EXCELLENT FILM!!

By ratmagician
A superbly made, heart-warming, and intellectual film that blurs the lines between indie drama and comedy. Top notch performances by a great set of actors, beautiful cinematography, and one of the...

A Discovery

By lmiller554
A script that goes beyond what you expect in film. Gorgeous cinematography and music. Can't wait to see where this creative team heads next....

We need more movies like this!

By Not A Puppet
A smart, beautifully shot, funny and insightful story about a fractured family finding a way to bond through a unique, visual setting and set of circumstances. Wonderful acting from Griffin Dunne...

The Discoverers

By Smf36
Very well written and acted movie. Thoughtful and reflective about what is important in life. Played in both city. and outdoor setting which brings us back to nature and reality. Also written with...

Go see the Discoverers

By johnsmith
What a fabulous independent movie. The acting was great, the script is both funny and charming, and it is visually beautiful. The soundtrack is spot on -- really, a remarkable production....

This will be an award-winning film

By rhkaren
The Discoverers is a five-star, exceptionally well-written,well acted, and well directed movie. The plot takes you deep into family dynamics and self discovery. This is a sensitive, gentle, and...

better left undiscovered

By jeffny2003
Had the chance to seen an early screening, and sadly about 15% of the viewing audience left during the course of the film. The film revolves around a strong performance by Griffen Dunne but for me,...

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