The Disappointments Room Synopsis
A mother and her young son release unimaginable horrors from the attic of their rural dream home.
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The Disappointments Room

By zombiefeast13
The trailer leaves much to the imagination. And that works to it's benefit. So having seen the movie I was pleasantly surprised. It kept my attention throughout. Kate Beckinsale's performance is...

Fun, confusing film

By bizr007
The disappointments room left me feeling both confused and disoriented, which I believe the film set out to do. It gave a sense of what the main character (Dana) was going through with the depression...

My Greatest Disappointments is the apparent lack of intellectual reviews....

By plarson9132016900
Wow, I guess if you can't walk around wit h your Pokemon you have a problem comprehending a good movie. This movie is reminiscent of an Alfred Hitchcock psychological thriller, which means you...

The Disappointing Disappointments Room

By avmitchelluw
This movie was not engaging at all it was boring and did absolutely nothing to pull me in. The most interesting part of the film was the dog. The main actress was absolutely gorgeous didn't look like...

What did I just watch?

By sierapersons
I went to this movie with no expectations, I hadn't even seen the trailer, someone just asked me to go. I can say honestly, it was awful. The plot was incomplete, nothing was really surprising, and...

Scary elements do not make up for a lack of plot and character development.

By gt00682
Director DJ Caruso's career began largely with TV series. He started doing film exclusively in 2004 and of those movies, Eagle Eye perhaps shares the most problems with his new film: The...

the disappointment room was disappointin

By kizokunode
no suspense terrible plot not scary....

Disappointments Room was a slight disappointment

By Kristylynne777
I liked the movie, but felt the ending could of been better. I have heard such rooms existed in ancient times. Good flick but wanted more. And the movie theater in Deer Park was not that good. Best...


By Allen750672016970
Lights out is better. Some scary parts in this movie, but it's mostly tame. Boring plot. Unlikable male husband. No sexy time with milfy and the helper. Wonk. Wonk....


By smahan6
basically about a mom who kills her baby...almost kills her other child all while seeing ghosts in her house. this movie made no sense....

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Rated R | For Violent Content, Bloody Images, Some Sexuality and Language
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Common Sense Media says Violent haunted-house movie lives up to its title.
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