I thinks it's pretty funny..

By skateboardshannan
Written May 28, 2012
It's one of those movies, if you go with a good mood, open mind,,then you enjoy it,,if you go with the attitude to expect it to be as good as it's hyped then you are going in with negative, so just go, laugh, and it's pretty darn funny. you'll end up repeating some lines after you leave and laugh
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Admiral General AlaWORST

By cafaturk
Written June 04, 2012
I'm usually a fan, but Sacha jumped the shark on this one. We've seen it all before, only much better done. Boo. Thumbs down. Trite. Boring. Amateurish. Need I say more?
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The Dictator

By rgordon746
Written June 10, 2012
Not quite as good as Borat but much better than Bruno. Better than I expected. Baron Cohen is a rare talent but is much better in small doses--his characters aren't deep enough to carry a 90 minute film. But this was a good effort. Definitely worth seeing.
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The Dictator

By nbaty814
Written May 27, 2012
I love Sacha Baron Cohen movies. I was a little disappointed in this movie because it reminded me of that terrible movie "Dont Mess With Zohan." Some of the stuff that they covered was hilarious and to the point. I think that this set up that they have gone through with the whole actor/actor dialog was where they went wrong. Where are the legitimate stupid Americans instead of the characters portraying stupid Americans? That is what I loved the most about Borat and Bruno. He mingled with real Americans.
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The Dictator

By crosedolly
Written May 20, 2012
Too disjointed. Sasha Baron Cohen is so talented and brilliant that I feel he could have fine-tuned this movie to be so much funnier and impactful. I LOVE "funny". Don't love inane. Totally NOT for children.
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