The Dictator Will be A Revolution in Cinema!!!

By tomcruise
Written May 16, 2012
I loved it, Sacha Baron Cohen is the biggest entertainer in the world, I had a full 1.5 hours of full laughter and it made me happy, I wished the movie was longer. Ana Faris also played very great. It is a satire so it was funny and better than Borat or Bruno. I think you should keep it as long as possible, I will def go 6 more times with all my friends!!! VERY BIG HANDDD!!!!
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Saw this movie last night !!

By AmieReyes7
Written May 20, 2012
Anyone who is an over sensitive feminist, hippie, or employee of Green world (LOL) will not like this movie but as far as I'm concerned this movie was HILARIOUS ! Sacha Baren Cohen is a hilarious man.
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By rouvio
Written May 19, 2012
but thats it. we went to see to see the movie with great expectations and hope. It was not funny. we seriously considered walking out in the middle of the movie... save your money and wait for the 1$ redbox dvd.
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Wish this guy got hit by a bus

By Be_Wil_Derd
Written May 29, 2012
So I made the mistake of walking into the movie as I waited for my movie to start and I am sad to say I will never get those moments back in my life. I thought his other movies were pretty funny but ever since his negative publicity stunt I have been overly tired of this a-hole. Watching a few minutes reminded me how he regurgitates the same slapstick humor from movie to movie and keeps getting teens to buy in thinking its original. It made me sad to think I supported him with his other movies and then I sat watching this and hearing the same BS he's done before. YAY for unoriginality! Sorry, but I am glad I could walk out of his movie without having paid for it...otherwise I'd be really mad.
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Admiral General AlaWORST

By cafaturk
Written June 04, 2012
I'm usually a fan, but Sacha jumped the shark on this one. We've seen it all before, only much better done. Boo. Thumbs down. Trite. Boring. Amateurish. Need I say more?
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