Sacha Baron Cohen brings the funny

By Deirag
Written May 20, 2012
Very funny. Wonderful juvenile humor that gets laughs all through the movie. Who cares about the story line? The cast of cameo's are wonderful. The jabs he takes at all things politically "sensitive" make you hope nobody is watching while you laugh your ***off!
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Must see movie

By jyusufi
Written May 17, 2012
I went and saw the movie yesterday and it was funny! It was just as I expected and Sacha Baren Cohen does a great job as he always does with his movies. There were no shortages of outrageous moments in the movie. Go in with an open mind and you will be laughing throughout the movie. My jaw hurts just from all the laughing and I would see it again.
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Its Sacha Cohen, its funny, watch it!

By ajsalternative
Written May 26, 2012
Over the years myself and many others have become accustom to the laughs and shocking humor Sacha Cohen has given to us on the big screen. While the Dictator is the most watered down movie he has made in terms of sexual humor, which in fairness is generally a good thing after the sex filled Bruno. It still provides many of laughs. Yes, it could be taken as offensive or racist but he does not discriminate. Do not take it seriously and have a laugh it the theater and you'll leave feeling at least somewhat refreshed!
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The Dictator

By 4myeyezonly
Written May 24, 2012
Ha! Ha! Ha! I'm still laughing. His walk alone was even funnier. Even though this movie was racist and touched current events, you couldn't help but take notice of the subliminal messages and go 'no they didn't.' When he smacked the man in the store I couldn't stop laughing. It made me think of a few people I'd like to do this too. Again, if you want to see a stupid but funny movie, this is the one. Just make sure you're open to whatever and please go with someone who has a sense of humor. I will see it again.
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Ok, if you don't think this movie is funny you have no BORAT style humor and shouldn't go in the first place

By logicaldog
Written May 20, 2012
I LOVE this movie!!! It was nonstop hilarity-and very well done. Much much higher quality than Borat or Bruno, (which I also love), this is a fantastic movie and to top that, it gives an actual great message, which I don't think the audience appreciated in my theatre. (the message which he gives straight faced about America and the 1%) I LOVE THIS MOVIE AND WILL SEE IT AGAIN
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