The Devil's Double Synopsis
The body double of one of Saddam Hussein's sons reveals details in the life of the Iraqi tyrant.
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By Koali
Actual Gulf War footage FYI Dominic Cooper plays both roles and accomplishes well this acting feat . Take the R rating seriously. Death; torture; kidnapping of a young teen; suicide; drugs; sex;...

The Devil's Double

By Drez_Digital
the fact that it was based on truth gave this film a certain edge a tough story it was well acted no doubt the way it showed what can go wrong when too much power is given to the wrong person....

The Devil's Double review

By georgedye
fantastic acting and movie. Dominic should be up for an oscar. He was phenomenal!! movie is hard to watch but so so good....

A very high Go, for a very Nice Movie.

By NassaDane
I was lucky enough to track this film down and finally get to see it. I was very pleased with what I got. A very beautifully made film with very nice cinematography. A Gold color cascaded over a lot...

Dominic Cooper ROCKS

By DeniseWaghorn
The Devil's Double is a MUST SEE movie. History is unfolding during our lifetimes and we must be witness to it. Uday was a crazy person and this film, especially as portrayed with heart and soul by...


By ekvegas
If half of this is true then I'm suprised his father didn't kill him himself....


By joseiluvsmovies
Great acting. Gruesome depiction of a spoiled rich kid. The writer made certain that this film keep with the theme of Americans hating Sadam Hussein and his family. It was provocative and...

A Brutal Tour de Force.

By Alon Patterson
Not since “Scarface” has there been a more brutal and biting dramatic performance. This film is very difficult to watch at times but speaks clearly and I believe, honestly of its subject matter. I...

The Devil's Double review

By analystken
Great movie though the theme is repeated a bit much....

Could've been Better

By Eddie_Blue
With better direction, this film could have been a fascinating exploration into sociopathy. God knows the lead was up to the task unfortunately. His talent is wasted here....

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Rated R | For Strong brutal violence and torture, sexual content, graphic nudity, drug use and pervasive language