By teacherwriting
Written January 23, 2017
At first, this seemed like an odd, barely entertaining flick, and then suddenly it became brilliant, and then a little too campy, but somehow it worked by the end and I left feeling very impressed, as if I had just glimped one of Plato's truths. This film demonstrates the spectrum of good and evil present within each person, highlighting "what it means to be human," so it was a little creepy and disturbing but so well executed. Tobi Maquire's character is very unlikable in this film, but it works for what the writer is trying to do, and the neighbor (Laura Linney) is fabulously quirky and amusing to watch. I'm shocked that this film didn't score a higher rating on some sites. Perhaps people feel uncomfortable viewing the ugliness within human nature (or at least within some humans), or maybe they couldn't grasp the brilliance behind the dual natures present in the same characters?
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JLBravo independent.

By jnmsweeney
Written April 22, 2014
The cream that makes this film blend smooth is credited to the casting team who must of sold it like a telethon special in order to fill this block party cast of heavy hitters and new comers like the role of 22yr old hottie(Melissa Mainzer) -vs-lead Lady (Miz Banks) my vote goes to Mainzer for wow factor and new talent that is no doubt ready to share more with us ...easy now..In terms of future lead character role responsibilities..fingers crossed. Leading spider-Man (Tobey Maguire) turns in good performance, Nevertheless the "Bravo"goes to the team of talented actors in the seams of the film such as Lila ( Laura Linney) is simply amazing..No matter who you are, you're sure to have one of your favorites in this cast.!! A feel good and bad confetti of scenes delivered as a combined effort by someone's favorite actor that when all is said and done...will have you thinking with a smile...or devilish grin that you might not have been expecting.
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