Maguire Is Barely Alive While Committing Serious Crimes of Passion

By pedsarq
Written November 05, 2012
This was an exhausting movie to sit through. The recurring imaginary scene in the movie is a piano falling on Maguire and crushing hime. Sadly, this never happens to this pathetic excuse for a human being how can't own up to his responsibilities as a husband/father and indulges in cheap pleasures at the expense of others, including family and friends. It is, however, close to impossible to dislike Maguire while he's playing up that Peter Parker innocence game.
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The Details

By Godawgsmom
Written November 11, 2012
What a WONDERFUL cast! It's definitely a different kind of comedy but has you laughing! Went to a screening with a Q & A afterwards with Jacob much more to the movie than first take! Makes you wonder what we all just "accept" and not question. Brilliant!
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The Details is a must see!

By gregory1234m
Written July 31, 2014
My girlfriend and I loved this film. What an original piece of work with stellar performances by Laura Linney and Ray Liotta. We have been so discouraged by the kind of things out in the theatres these days. Finally we found something that excited us, challenged us, thrilled us. Congrats to the filmmakers. Long overdue for a film this exciting.
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By teacherwriting
Written August 29, 2014
At first, this seemed like an odd, barely entertaining flick, and then suddenly it became brilliant, and then a little too campy, but somehow it worked by the end and I left feeling very impressed, as if I had just glimped one of Plato's truths. This film demonstrates the spectrum of good and evil present within each person and within "what it means to be human," so it was a little creepy and disturbing but so well executed. Tobi Maquire's character is very unlikable in this film, but it works for what the writer is trying to do, and the neighbor (Laura Linney) is fabulously quirky and amusing to watch. I'm shocked that this film didn't score a higher rating. Perhaps people feel uncomfortable viewing the ugliness within human nature (or at least within some humans), or maybe they couldn't grasp the brilliance behind the dual natures present in the same characters?
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Best Dark Comedy Slince Fargo

By jaax44
Written August 27, 2014
This is the most intelligent dark comedy I've seen since Fargo. Tremedous performances by an all star cast, especially Laura Linney as an over the top eccentric who is still sexy enough to seduce. This director is not afraid to let scenes develop between actors and his writing is top rate. Details will make you wince and laugh out loud at the same time. Absolutely a must-see!
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