The Descent Synopsis
Cave explorers (Shauna Macdonald, Natalie Mendoza, Alex Reid) encounter underground predators.
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Great !!!!

By sircbr
This I my favorite movie ever!!!! It's that good....

Great horror movie

By emmareed702
I don't think people truly understood the meaning behind this movie. People need to consider that possibly Sarah was going insane from the recent accident and medication. You may notice that none of...

Scary stuff!

By HEPennypacker
Watch this with someone this in the dark...and watch this without distraction..You will jump...scream get angry and best of all be scared throughout...Great tension and suspense..This...


By ben101
Such a great movie I was truly scared and entertained through the whole movie!!!! Of you like horror movies this is a must see for all horror movie fans!!!!!...

The Descent

By tmkurish
I liked and disliked this movie at the same time. For the positive, this horror movie is a completely new idea compared to the same slasher films and remakes that are out. The whole movie is very...

Intense Horror Movie

By 619boy531
This movie was pretty sick. I thought it was going to suck, but I was impressed. The plot was very good, it also had good actors. I recommend this to any horror fans. I can't wait for the 2nd one....


By xxkarmaxx
I hated this movie it wuz so f***ing bad and so stupid the telletubbies is more entertaing than this movie in fact watching paint dry is more entertaing than this gay pees of sh*t do not see this...


By dsizzy
this movie left me hanging i dont whats going to happen to the girl or why she let those things kill her friend it was not even scary...

Five Word Review

By Drez_Digital
There's No Escaping The Darkness...

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By FilmCricket
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Rated R | For strong violence/gore and language
What Parents Need to Know
Common Sense Media says A scary gorefest underground. Not for kids.
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