The REALITY of living in Hawaii

By ptachibana
Written December 26, 2011
Because we are the isolated 50th State, the rest of America does not realize that we ALSO have the same issues that the rest of the world shares ... homelessness, employment issues, environmental issues, family issues, the loss of our heritage AND that we DO NOT live in huts. This movie depicts the importance of preserving what little we have left and George Clooney was once again superub in portaying just that. Aloha ....
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Don't know what the hype's about

By Shir-dog
Written December 04, 2011
I've read reviews of this movie that have said it was George Clooney's masterpiece. I disagree. There certainly was a lot of Clooney face-time, but it seemed he never changed his expression. It was the same pained look throughout. I thought his acting was just so-so, while the acting of the two young women who played his daughters pointed out the shortcomings of Clooney's acting chops. The story was convoluted. The part about the ownership of land seemed to have very little bearing on the family tragedy that was unfolding. I don't think the two stories ever really messed or pointed to a common theme. My wife and I both felt we could have waited to see this movie until it was On Demand.
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Grown Tired of Disfunctionalism

By bmester
Written November 26, 2011
Where do I start? This movie did nothing for me. I nearly left the theater at least twice - call me conventional, but f-bombs and middle-fingers from teens just doesn't do it for me. With the exception of Beau Bridges, I wasn't impressed by any of the acting. Maybe that's why I didn't laugh or cry, in fact I found it very difficult to have any emotional connection with any of the characters. Here's a summary of the disfuntionalism of this tragicomedy - extra-marital affair, husband obsessed with work and confronting the adulterer, so-called friends who validate/justify the affair, adults acting like kids and vise versa. It's an easy formula for a movie these days. As long as people pay to see such movies and critics contnue to rave about them, we will never see a true classic again.
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Very Depressing with a Side of Very Slow Moving

By smate1
Written December 02, 2011
This movie makes Love Story look like a light comedy. While the acting by George and his older daughter is quite good, the lack of anything else going on during the movie is amazing. If you are looking for a sleepless night, some additional depression in your life and real slow moving movie, this is it. While the "art house" folks will rave about this movie, save your doe, it will be on DVD by February 1. 2012 or sooner.
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Too long.

By vaxine19
Written December 13, 2011
Lots of drama. George Clooney did well as usual. It just dragged on. Plus there were a lot of missed opportunities and questionable decisions in the script.
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