The Debt: B+

By MattH306
Written September 03, 2011
A complex story with an effective flashback makes up for the lackluster ending.
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The Debt Gives You Pause

By ConnieFudge
Written September 02, 2011
This is one of those movies that doesn't "WOW" you at its end. It is one that lingers with you and makes you think back through it with the question of how it did or didn't impact you. As I ponder it, I realize that there were many thoughtful considerations that came from it - the insidiousness of evil, the impact of a lie lived over a lifetime, finding compassion in the face of evil, what constitutes justice...many others. There was enough suspense to hold you through it and enough movement from present to past to make sure you stayed engaged and paid attention. The acting didn't detract from the story, the cinematography wasn't "trendy" and the editing didn't make your head swirl. Its 'R' rating is well placed. We need "thinking" movies sometimes. Too much "fluff" and sophomoric drivel makes us lazy and self-absorbed. The Debt makes us think and that's a good thing.
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Barely a GO

By rockydoggies
Written September 09, 2011
I can't say NO or SO-SO because the performances were still good, but I think the film is more geared towards a smaller audience that will be interested in the Israeli hunting of Nazi war criminals. I could foresee the story line doing a re-loop before it happened , I don't like re-loops, but this one made sense and was actually was a cool move to do. The movie slows to a bore in the middle, but picks up again towards the third act. This is not a summer blockbuster action suspense movie. I think I'm still in the summer mode of explosions and heavy actions movies. It's a good movie, the actors were great, just a little slow for me.
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Written September 02, 2011
Helen Mirren was excellent, as usual, as was Tom Wilkerson. Good movie and...interesting plot with nice twists and turns. Exciting, but Lacked some realism, as I kept wondering why, over the years, that the scar on her face had not been fixed with plastic surgery. Obviously it was left there for the effect. My wife felt it was slow moving at times and she would have preferred to have seen Mirren in more of the scenes. The surprise climatic ending was done very well. Mature adults and we gave it a C+ Dan & Lolly
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The Debt

By softtouch2u
Written September 01, 2011
Saw "The Debt" last night in a theater. Could have waited for the DVD. Development of the film lacked new concepts, same old film redone. Come on give us the movie going public better creativity. Rating D-
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