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Good Idea

By zephyrjcq
Written November 10, 2007
The idea behind the movie was really good. It was very original. It had a good ending as well which is important but it did get a little cheesy - true love conquers all and whatnot.
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Not the best, far from the worst...

By Coondoggy
Written November 10, 2007
This film, while somewhat predictable and filled with horror cliche, did manage to pull off some points for originality. It was entertaining, but definitely could have turned the gore notch up some.
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Wraith-the Masquerade

By Spitfire665
Written November 12, 2007
Not a terrible film. Yeah, no one ever likes to hear a review start that way. But seriously, it wasn't bad. It had an "Underworld" feel to it, hence my title. I felt like whoever wrote this, played the RPGs by White Wolf, and decided to make a movie. But, it definitely had viewing appeal. Just don't expect a real shocker horror flick. Definitely more along the lines of Underworld.
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