Is that it?

By jo_rudi
Written December 11, 2008
I feel compelled to write a brief review after watching a screening of this film. I did NOT see the original so I have nothing to compare to and went in somewhat open minded. I was expecting a silly but entertaining movie. I don't think I was entertained. Perhaps the first half is humorously entertaining at least but then it just ends without any feeling of satisfaction whatsoever. This movie is quite simply terrible that the little picky things that are wrong aren't even worth mentioning. I give a so-so rating because I watched it in digital IMAX, which I am a big fan of. Sound and picture were fabulous. However, the movie itself gets a NO rating no doubt.
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Strikingly Awesome!

By rickysea
Written April 24, 2017
For those of us in the latter generations who have seen the origional and to those who have not, see them both!
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The Day the Earth Stood Still

By ywsf
Written February 23, 2017
The movie fell flat in the end. It started well, then got limp. It could have been better written and better edited (perhaps directed). I was disappointed in it. The 1950's version is far, far better. I give it a B. Not gonna be a big super hit.
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Didn't need a remake anyway.

By nerdnik
Written December 17, 2008
Went to the IMAX showing of TDTESS and was thoroughly entertained. Kept my interest from start to finish. Did not want Klatuu to have much personality as others. This movie was made the year I was born and went out to celebrate my birthday in 1951. Satisfied.
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Very nice remake of old film.

By Maxim1980
Written January 13, 2009
Interesting picture and another nice work of Keanu. But if you will go there to see another independence day - DON"T. It is much more philosophical than SCI FI. Interesting thoughts especially if you read the book or/and watched old movie. Nothing changed heh?... Effects are nice but be aware – they will last first 5 and last 5 minutes of the film. Other than that it is a lot of dialogs. I liked it a lot, but my friends spited on this – some really liked it, some didn’t. So go and make you own opinion! Good luck.
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