By sherminator92
Written December 11, 2008
Ok, I just came back from watching the movie and i'll be totally honest with you. The movie starts out well... Interesting plot. Suspense. You'll be asking yourself, "What's going on? This is so cool. I can't wait to see what happens!!" Then as it goes on, WHOOSH! There's aliens.... Ok.... Still not too bad.... Aliens arent totally annoying. Wait! Yes they are... There's this huge big black thing (it's the tool to kill us) that's really annoying... Who cares? There's hints of "sadness" here and there but the movie is written in a way that u dont feel any sympathy whatsoever for the characters. The climax is kinda ok bcoz the alien (Reeves) has a change of heart.... Yay!! We're gonna live!! Once again, you get the feeling "Who cares?" And the ending..... Boy..... Let's put it this way, the ending makes you think that the writer quit before he finished writing the movie... It's that bad... It juz ends with Reeves flying home in his giant shiny sphere. =.=
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The Day My Brain Stood Still

By gegan
Written December 17, 2008
I sat there, waiting and waiting, for something original to happen. You know? There is always supposed to be at least ONE wow-factor moment. This movie is a re-hashed direction of tired special effects, poor writing, and supporting actors going through the motions of reprimanding us little-people of the errors of our ways. The Evil Americans Strike Again. Gratuitous bi-racial relationships, environmental speeches, and gloom-and-doom foretellings make this hum-drum movie nearly unwatchable. Please, save your soapbox for the street corner.
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The Day I Sat Still In My Seat

By Half-Breed
Written December 12, 2008
I went to the sneak preview on Thursday night, and since I got free tickets to see it in IMAX, I can't really complain too much. However, I can say that everything in this movie seemed too big for the movie to handle (and not because it was on a screen 60+feet tall). I think the idea of the movie is a good starting point and could have gone somewhere, but it just felt to me that we were going down the same road that so many movies like this have already traveled. To give you a quick example; many mysterious "things" from space come down to earth. "Are they good or bad? How should we deal with them?" Kinda sounds like Independence Day right? However, unlike ID4, this movie didn't have that "Let's kick those Aliens' butts, hoooooraaaahhh" kind of energy. So you may think this is going to be a "deeper" type movie, but with so many token moments and sappy lines, it's hard to take seriously. P.S. I've never seen the original of this movie.
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This is a full on remake with extras that the origonal called out for when special effects were better

By Dark_Chameleon
Written December 16, 2008
This is a grade one special effects remake of the origonal film and was a half slurpy film (Meaning I only drank half my slurpy due to it being so good). Keanu Reeves is fast becoming typecast as a special effects actor, not a bad thing but as he can hold your attention in front of a green screen and this does nothing to persuade you he isnt the perfect man for the job. Some of the script was a bit too see through but if you want a good remake then you get the downside as much as the upside. I would recommend this movie without reservation and it will be a good classic in years to come..perhaps even the ever rarer remake that could justify a sequel. Grade: B+
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This movie was not your typical action flick like you expected But...

By foxasher
Written December 12, 2008
Okay we have a monotonous Keanu Reeves that does a great job on his acting part. When I went into the sneak peek tonight of course I was expecting this all out flick that would surpass War of the Worlds. It was a totally different approach. Imagine say, Tree huggers making love to Sci-Fi Gurus and this is what the film basically is. The little kid in the flick is just annoying, the ARK balls are visually appealing but really have no effect whatsoever in this entire movie, yes that's right. No massive attacks on a nationwide scale, no mass rioting visible, or mass suicides which would mark apocalyptic style endings, just a conflicting talk the whole movie how humanity can change its evil ways towards each other. They did not even show the conclusion or after math of what happens when the aliens leave. For the budget this film spent, they could've conveyd and entertained a lot more movie goers.
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