Partied with the Cast!! - **SPOILER ALERT!

By airforce1engineer
Written September 02, 2012
What made this movie a little surreal is the fact that as soon as the credits in the beginning started to pop on the screen, my friends and I all realized that we had 50% of the cast in the movie Theatre! That was pretty cool! Saying that, this film was a little different than I first imagined. I imagined a Post-Apocolyptic film of a group of bandits roaming the country side in a new grim world. When in fact, it took place on a hill in an old run down house almost the entire time. Interesting film. I think producted quite well. I thought the cast did some GREAT acting! For an indy film, great stuff guys! It's not typically my kind of film with the horror that was in it, but on this rare occasion, good flick! Thanks!
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By ThePassmores
Written September 03, 2012
If you like movies with a strong female lead who both kicks ***and has a good story ... this movie is for you.
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By toddreed51
Written March 09, 2013
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