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From the director of the cult classic, WOLF CREEK, Greg McLean, comes the supernatural thriller THE DARKNESS, opening ?May 13th, 2016?. As a family returns home from vacation at the Grand Canyon, they innocently bring home a supernatural force.
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Its ok

By thevillianinsideyou
Saw it a few hours ago 4 other people in the theater. It's a very average horror movie. The story line is ok. Random jump scares here and there. Acting is alright. You basically watch the families...


By bauerbabe24
As many can see from the title I really loved this movie. Why? Because it DIDN'T fall into all of the stereotypical modes. The older daughter wasn't some mindless floozy and the parents while...


By BetsyCazar
I thought this film was great, I like movies that incorporate Native American history in it maybe cause I'm part native anyways it was good acting in my opinion....


By greggouw
A very slow start and scenes from other horror films i.e. The classic attic scene from "The Exorcist" complete with 'exploding light bulb jump scare', the Indian theme from "Poltergeist" and the...

Good until the end

By jhadden400
went to movie with my 22 y/o N 14 y/o daughter's. we all liked the movie, ending was a let down...

Good movie

By bearswifey929
I would have given it higher stars but the ending was lacking. Despite that it was a good movie overall....

The Darkness

By kimmi694
I liked ghd movie, it had some jump scares and some craziness to it. The acting was very good and the moments of hysteria by the daughter were exceptional. Typical tantrums from a teenager. I...

By tpadgett48
The movie was slow and although I love the cast, it confused me jumped around no build up...

Four stars cause my experience sucked

By Brony Films
Really pissed off right now, I see the movie the darkness (great film check it out) but couldn't enjoy it cause there was a bunch of pre teens giggling and talking and laughing through the good parts,...

The Darkness

By shanett333
It was good. Took a while for the action to start. But overall it was OK....

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Rated PG-13 | For Thematic Elements, Brief Sensuality, Some Disturbing Violence and Language
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Common Sense Media says Interesting characters but lackluster scares.
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