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Beyond Amazing

By Livnthedrm69
Written July 22, 2012
In Batman Begins, Ra's Al Ghul told Bruce Wayne that he would have to become more than just a man in order to become something else entirely; a legend. In that same vein, Christopher Nolan's epic finale to his Batman saga is more than just a film. It's a pulse-pounding experience like no other, and not only the best comic book movie to date, but one of the greatest blockbusters to ever grace the big screen. In terms of performances, this is without a doubt Christian Bale's best turn as Bruce Wayne/Batman. He goes through many stages during the course of The Dark Knight Rises, and Batman has never felt as real and as human as he does in this installment. The film delivers on being the epic conclusion we were promised and should result in Nolan nabbing his first Academy Award. It will make you laugh, have you close to tears and punching the air with sheer joy and excitement. Marvel's The Avengers held the "Best Comic Book Movie Ever" crown for as long as it could.
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Dark Knight Rises

By jzjz0505
Written July 20, 2012
didnt live up to the hype, bane was awesome, too much other crap goin on, not enough batman, overall it was ok, by far ,worst of the 3 DK films
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What a terrible mess!

By heloder
Written July 20, 2012
I hate reading reviews before I watch a movie. I did hear that there were some major critics of The Dark Knight Rises. I am now part of that crowd. The other two Batman movies in this series were awesome! But this was just like Spiderman 3….. AWFUL! I hate movies that don’t follow the laws of time. Ticking time bomb movies are hard to pull off. This one was worse than a low-budget made for TV movie. I lost a lot of respect for Christopher Nolan. To be honest, I feel insulted after watching it.
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lots of props, that's about it

By fraudulentzodiac13
Written July 21, 2012
Overall I would have to say I was not impressed. There was a lot of good technology and props used but the dialogue was terrible. You could barely understand what Bain was saying throughout the whole movie. Lots of characters without a lot of depth. This one had the feel that it was all about spending as much money as possible without trying to make a good movie. If you are strict with movies being accurate do not go see this. The ticking time bomb line has been played soo many times. This movies doesn't do a good job of keeping the time steady while you are away from the bomb. Not Impressed
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Good thing it's the last one

By VeeJayOne
Written July 22, 2012
I'm just not getting the hype. The movie had great special effects but not much more. If you miss the first hour or so, no problem, movie isn't that good until the end anyway.
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