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Beyond Amazing!!

By jordaneverett
Written November 30, 2012
This movie beyond amazed me. Love this movie so much that I went to see it 5 times. The acting is incredible and the directing is spectacular. Tom Hardy played the role of Bane so well!! This movie is a definite must go!!!
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Awful movie

By hola_manola
Written September 04, 2012
I can't belive the reviews are so good - this is a really bad movie, hated it from start to finish.
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Excellent Movie, will see it again

By sjalum22
Written July 22, 2012
I saw the movie last night, and my first impression, was "eh." But after carefully rethinking the movie, I realized it was brilliant the way it was tied to the other movies in the trilogy. Although, this movie is not really a comic book movie; it is something more...a very thought provoking film that is dark and difficult to digest. For me, Anne Hathaway makes this film with her very snark and timely wittiness. This enhanced the film because its plot is quite heavy. Chris Nolan definitely went big with visual scenery and brilliant actors, but also did his homework in terms of the characters' existences in the comics. If Batman Begins was an epic origin story, the Dark Knight Rises is an unbelievable ending to the trilogy, and has now set the bar very high for future comic book movies.
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Not as good as the second...or first

By OnionCat
Written November 03, 2013
The film wasn't as well written, thought out, and connected as the Dark Knight or even Batman Begins. Many moments came off as being very cheesy and cliche. I also had an extremely hard time understanding half the words Bane was saying. On the positive side of the film, I'm becoming a fan of Anne Hathaway, as she delivers Catwoman's alluring character quite well.
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The Dark Knight Rises Movie Review

By spencerhutapea
Written July 02, 2013
100 out of 100 It has been 8 years since Harvey's death and now Batman has to take on Bane. What can I say? It's excellent entertainment. It's injected with a slower pace but it's still awesome. Lots of new characters to introduce and they all matter. With well-done performances, thrilling action sequences and the perfect conclusion to the epic trilogy.
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