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By jsmacky5
Written July 24, 2012
Going to the theater and waiting in the seat for the movie to begin was the most thrilling part because of the uneasiness regarding the theater shooting in Aurora. I was suspiciously checking out anyone who stood up or came into the theater. The movie was a total letdown. Bane had the most annoying voice. Matthew Modine was horrible and Gary Oldman was pathetic in the hospital bed. The whole movie was terribly predictable. Utterly dissappointed overall.
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By faizool02
Written July 22, 2012
Before I criticize the movie I must begin by acknowledging the standard that Christopher Nolan had set with his first two movies of the Batman trilogy. He literally redefined, not just the Batman franchise, but with it the entire comic universe. And unfortunately, DKR failed to live up to those standards. There was ample time (3 hours) to develop the new characters but it didn't. The middle part of this movie kept building up to a breathtaking end, but when it came it felt hollow and rushed partly due to the shallow new characters. Another failure was Bane's awkwardness, which while deliberate was nothing like the Joker's strangeness; it just wasn't properly executed. And then the myriad of flaws such as thousands of cops marching into a tunnel as if its a parade and the classic romantic timefreeze kiss at the end where the timer on the bomb seems to matter little. Yes we're used to forgiving these senseless moments but then this was Nolan and he had set higher standards.
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Great end to the triology

By rebmig
Written July 22, 2012
A lot of people are going to compare TDKR to the previous film, but I think that is unfair. The Dark Knight had one overwhelmingly amazing performance (Ledger) that overshadowed the rest of the film. TDKR did not have any such performance (save for perhaps Michael Caine). However, I think that overall, the film and the average performance by the actors was better than Dark Knight. It is certainly an enjoyable summertime popcorn movie, but be prepared as the Occupy Movement is vilified in a rather ham-fisted way. With respect to the source material, I think this has been the most faithful depiction of Bane to date.
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Not So Serious

By Sis_Kimberly
Written July 20, 2012
Too much dialogue, not enough action. Although Ann Hathway played Cat Woman brillantly, I felt the story line could have been better and would like to have seen more action out of Batman. The producers and writers relied too much on the "Batman" brand to sell this movie, rather than putting more substance into the movie. Overall, I went away feeling disappointed.
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The Dark Knight Rises ---so-so

By foreverhookedonmovies
Written July 22, 2012
some spots are tooo far fetched..... Not very many funny come backs. For Batman to drop out and watch his empire go to pot and fire his long friend didnt come off very heroic. does not have the upper hand in any of his spotlights. didnt flow like spiderman.
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