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Excellent end to the trilogy

By libertinejvb
Written July 23, 2012
Greatly enjoyed the film. There are a few flaws but these are beautifully overshadowed by a good plot, great actors and a well-deserved end to the Dark Knight trilogy. I most liked Gary Oldman, Morgan Freeman, Marion Cotillard and Joseph Gordon-Levitt in their roles.
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Completely Stupid Mock Courtroom ****, and um, some old people chanting crazily as you climb. Silliness galore!

By OsskaSchindla
Written July 22, 2012
Has such great scenes, awesome characters, kickass fights, but also plenty of stupid ****. The first half or so, is so good, and then takes a rapid nose dive during one of the dumbest speeches ever on top of a tumbler, which preludes to this totally rushed and just plain Dumb montage of events. That goes too fast, and clunky. Not done well at all. It becomes loaded with Cheesiness, love stories out of NOWHERE, and 2 totally Out of nowhere and unnecessary kisses. Especially the Ridiculous 2nd one later on. This completely retarded Mock Courtroom ****, and um, some old people chanting crazily as you climb. Silliness galore! Is this some kind of joke? I thought we were taking this seriously. Bane starts out so fuckin cool, then becomes so stupid, then the movie just completely throws him in the garbage. Such disrespect for a character they took the time to make so awesome. Although his backstory was pretty lame as well. The stupidity & Silliness of the latter half Destroyed this film.
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By mikeylikesit
Written July 30, 2012
Great wrap-up to the storyline. You don't need to have seen the first 2 movies but it will be much better if you have seen them.
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Dark Knight Rises SD -- Pay Per View at home

By Monte24
Written July 23, 2016
I rate the overall of this movie on a scale from 1 - 10, a 8. The plot was good, but a llittle weak. Christian Bale, once again, was awesome in his role as Batman! And the character Bane was played very well also. The action shots in this movie were very explicit even though some could have been better explosives and better gunfire usage like some Rambo/SS movies just to compare. But you could tell this was the closing of the finale of the Batman series even though Christian showed up once at the end again after he supposedly died. It ended overall well. Not disappointed. Thank you.
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Not what I expected

By Jthomas778
Written October 31, 2016
While this was an ok movie, I was not satisfied with the final chapter of the series. They went to great lengths to out an ending to "their vision", but at the expense of the Batman history. Nice ideas for underlying themes, but it just sent the movie wondering down a weird trail.
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