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By jroman2368
Written July 20, 2012
The Dark Knight Rises has got to be THE GREATEST MOVIE OF ALL TIME!!!!! Absolutely looooooved it. Saw it last night for the midnight release and Im anxious to see it again this weekend!!!!!! Enjoy folks....
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Dark Knight Rises

By jzjz0505
Written July 20, 2012
didnt live up to the hype, bane was awesome, too much other crap goin on, not enough batman, overall it was ok, by far ,worst of the 3 DK films
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Rising Above My Expectations

By BoggartHunter
Written August 03, 2012
I loved Batman Begins, it was visceral and raw. Almost uncomfortable at times. It was the Batman that I had read about from Frank Miller and David Mazzucchelli. It was about a man who was lost and angry, but became something more. I know I'm in the minority, but The Dark Knight was a bit of a letdown for me. Harvey Dent was... an odd Harvey Dent and though I enjoyed the Joker for what he was- ripped from The Dark Knight Returns written by one Frank Miller. I thought that Ledger played it as well as he could. As a character actor... Moving on. From the opening swell of music from composer Hans Zimmer, It just felt like I was already a part of something truly special. The tough visceral rawness of Batman Begins is back with blood sweat and tears this time. We see a broken Bruce, a frustrated Alfred and a core of characters that when there lives cross paths with Bruce/Batman they leave a better person; or they don't leave. The perfect conclusion to the Dark Knight Trilogy.
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By StoopKiddavis
Written July 20, 2012
one of the worst written movies i have ever seen. i felt like i was watching an 80's movie with all of the one-liners dropped by catwomen. Not spoiling the movie for everyone, but the ending was just ridiculous. nothing compared to the original dark knight with ledger. So many different characters that the movie couldnt focus on one person. It was all over the place. from gotham city to the damn desert. If you are empty minded and just want to go see batman throw some punches and drive his batbike then you will enjoy it. But if you actually analyze movies for writing, then you may actually get a kick out of it. I actually enjoyed laughing at how poorly written the dialogue and actual plot were. I give the dark knight rises 2 out of 10 stars.
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What a terrible mess!

By heloder
Written July 20, 2012
I hate reading reviews before I watch a movie. I did hear that there were some major critics of The Dark Knight Rises. I am now part of that crowd. The other two Batman movies in this series were awesome! But this was just like Spiderman 3….. AWFUL! I hate movies that don’t follow the laws of time. Ticking time bomb movies are hard to pull off. This one was worse than a low-budget made for TV movie. I lost a lot of respect for Christopher Nolan. To be honest, I feel insulted after watching it.
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