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lots of props, that's about it

By fraudulentzodiac13
Written July 21, 2012
Overall I would have to say I was not impressed. There was a lot of good technology and props used but the dialogue was terrible. You could barely understand what Bain was saying throughout the whole movie. Lots of characters without a lot of depth. This one had the feel that it was all about spending as much money as possible without trying to make a good movie. If you are strict with movies being accurate do not go see this. The ticking time bomb line has been played soo many times. This movies doesn't do a good job of keeping the time steady while you are away from the bomb. Not Impressed
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Good thing it's the last one

By VeeJayOne
Written July 22, 2012
I'm just not getting the hype. The movie had great special effects but not much more. If you miss the first hour or so, no problem, movie isn't that good until the end anyway.
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The Dark Knight Rises Past Them All

By Prince of Gotham
Written March 01, 2015
FIrst off, RIP to the Aurora victims and my prayers go out to all of their surviving family members. TDKR is probably the most gratifying summer blockbuster I have seen and Nolan has once again raised a bar that TDK had already set so impeccably high already. The soundtrack ushered my moods fittingly scene by scene. Bane was incredibly done by Hardy and any doubts of Hatthaway as the Cat were put to rest. As for the bat, we the viewers were treated to Bruce Wayne's heroic turnaround from humiliating defeat to the pinnacle of his vigilante "career". As opposed to Ledger (Joker) stealing the show in TDK, Bale rose to unreachable heights as Bruce Wayne in a performance that will forever haunt any attempts of a reboot. TDKR couldn't have ended in any other way and Nolan will be cemented as an iconic legend, alongside Stan Lee and Bob Kane when its all said and done.
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A fun flick, but disappointing

By redram66
Written July 20, 2012
The acting and plot line was possibly the only redeeming quality for the Batman series' 3rd film. I was most disappointed with the choreography, especially for the fight scenes, which were cheesy and unrealistic. The movie was also too long--it seemed as though the producers bit off more than they could chew. The last 10 minutes were the best part of the movie.
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By pleos2
Written July 21, 2012
Out of 3 long boring hours...the Character Batman is in it maybe 30 minutes (combined). It was all focusing on Bane, Gordon, "Blane" (should of been **** Grayson) who is Robin in the last scene, but not in costume. The worst Catwoman I've ever seen. She was NOT sexy, sensual nor purred!!! And her goggles were suppose to be cat ears when she had them flipped up!? I thought Bruce Wayne and the Bat Computer were super intelligent. Not in this movie...Bruce blindly trusts this woman to take over Wayne Enterprises and Bankrupt him. Why didn't he check her out or question anything...No...only at the end does he find out the truth. Fight scenes between Bane and Batman were so slow and lack luster that watching senior citizens fight would be just as exciting!!! BAT TANKS (in army camo) were plentiful and under Bane's control. SO....there was NO OFFICIAL BATMOBILE in this movie. Where were Batman's gadgets? HORRIBLY DRAWN OUT...Wait for dvd to sleep in your own home!!!
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