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The Dark Knight Rises .... Then Falls

By Darkola
Written February 20, 2017
THE GOOD... Batman himself, again I enjoyed the parts of seeing him, Alfred as always, and the appearance of Catwoman, she was an added bonus to this movie, and the action sceenes. THE BAD ... Pretty much everything else, the story was terrible, the bad guy "Bane" came nowhere even close to matching a character like The Joker, I know thats a hard act to follow, but this wasnt even close by any means. The BatPlane ... or whatever you want to call it, when it first appeared all I thought of was "Really, are you kidding ?" where and how that goofy thing made it into this movie is beyond me. This was a movie I wanted to like alot, but came out so disappointed with it, especially for a movie that was going to wrap up Nolans version of Batman ... it just went wrong, from the plot of the story, to a villain that did nothing for me, to new gadgets that are to far fetched and just rediculous. The movie felt long, dragged on, and not enough of Batman, I'd give it 2 1/2 out of 4 stars.
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A solid ending.

By paintsniper01
Written November 19, 2016
"The Dark Knight Rises" was an excellent ending to the series that (without spoilers) I felt effectively ended this particular series while leaving room for expansion in this Batman universe. Anne Hathaway did an excellent job of bringing the Catwoman character to life in a way that didn't feel forced, and the returning characters did not disappoint. Beyond the actors, the fight scenes were excellently done, the special effects budget had to have been astounding, and the new toys were all most appreciated. The movie only falls short of "Must GO" because of a couple things. The Bane in the movie was a believably foil for the Dark Knight, but his story was a very sharp departure from the original comic book character. Additionally, while I wasn't looking for a 100% bulletproof plot (this is a superhero movie after all), a few gaping things stuck out. I just can't picture Batman sitting in a police car and chatting about his secret identity when everything is being recorded.
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A perfect yet bittersweet send off to this Batman trilogy.

By reyka_reykjavik
Written May 29, 2017
As before, Nolan has done his homework on the Batman storyline. He and crew have creatively put their own twist on it without crossing any lines; only blurring them to achieve great cinematic effect. Great action for those type of fans who don't know much of the Batman story; great story for those of us who do. Indie art house fans who wont budge for anything remotely this big, this is not for you, or your judgement. I can confidently say you have less than ZERO input! It's a bittersweet fulfillment to watch this empire say farewell, but the bar has been raised so high, one would doubt that it can be matched or outdone for that matter. However, with that said, the potential for reboots and/or continuations could be astonishing. On a side note, my heart goes out to the families and friends of the victims in Colorado.
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Is this Batman

By kevnic
Written October 30, 2016
Christopher Nolan's last installment of Dark Knight was disappointing as an action film and as a follow up to The Dark Knight. The Plot suffers as in order for the plan of the antagonist to work poor decisions have to be made by key figures. The movie is also slow and therefore long with parts that make you think "Really" (eg. Major back surgery needed,resolve just crack my back and I'll do some pushups). I like watching movies when the vilans plans are ingenious, I like the champions rise to be greater and that is what makes them better than us all. Plus all fans of Batman should be disappointed as batman's identity seems to be known by just about everyone also Bain is way to intelligent and well spoken to be simply his alter ego a thug. What the film does well is great acting by almost every character even the almost intellectual bain whose voice is something impressive. Spoiler alert. There is a plot twist at the end that makes me really wonder why Bain had to have as much dialogue
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The trilogy deserved a better ending

By kscottcraig
Written September 26, 2016
Bat Man gets about twenty minutes of screen time out of a two hour, forty five minute movie. Day light does not work for the aesthetic of the movie and makes the characters appear cartoonish. The voices and one liners add too much camp to follow a movie that was so gritty and compelling (Dark Knight). The timeline is far too distorted, wasn't pulled off very well. This was to the Dark Knight trilogy what Godfather III was to that series.
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