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Completely Stupid Mock Courtroom ****, and um, some old people chanting crazily as you climb. Silliness galore!

By OsskaSchindla
Written July 22, 2012
Has such great scenes, awesome characters, kickass fights, but also plenty of stupid ****. The first half or so, is so good, and then takes a rapid nose dive during one of the dumbest speeches ever on top of a tumbler, which preludes to this totally rushed and just plain Dumb montage of events. That goes too fast, and clunky. Not done well at all. It becomes loaded with Cheesiness, love stories out of NOWHERE, and 2 totally Out of nowhere and unnecessary kisses. Especially the Ridiculous 2nd one later on. This completely retarded Mock Courtroom ****, and um, some old people chanting crazily as you climb. Silliness galore! Is this some kind of joke? I thought we were taking this seriously. Bane starts out so fuckin cool, then becomes so stupid, then the movie just completely throws him in the garbage. Such disrespect for a character they took the time to make so awesome. Although his backstory was pretty lame as well. The stupidity & Silliness of the latter half Destroyed this film.
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By mikeylikesit
Written July 30, 2012
Great wrap-up to the storyline. You don't need to have seen the first 2 movies but it will be much better if you have seen them.
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A fun action flick for the family!

By sarosas
Written July 20, 2012
A good story with lots of action and a snappy love interest that keeps the plot moving. If you are looking for comic book action this movie is for you! Even the evolution of the character Robin helps to bring the story to it's next chapter.
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Great Movie!!!

By JonathanW514
Written July 26, 2012
Fantastic movie from top to bottom. Wonderfully written with a cast that delivers. It's lengthy, but not needlessly. The story line keeps you engaged to the end. Highly recommended. Also Hans Zimmer kills it once again. Loved it.
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without giving away the end...

By larry979
Written July 22, 2012
I thought the Bane storyline could have been a little stronger. However the plot twists were excellent. I think could skip the middle hour and just watch the beginning and last 15 minutes.
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