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The Emporer has no clothes.

By saltecks
Written July 22, 2012
This had to be the most overrated movie of the last 5 years. Other than Gordon-levitt and Hathaway did anybody have their acting cards with them? Most seemed bored in their roles. To start 50% of the movie was racing racing, stylized motorbikes racing, aircraft racing, armored vehicles racing. It would have been nice to have a wee bit more of Batman's character explored. The movie should have actually been called 'Batman's friends and Enemies' . Sub-plots were introduced w/o rhyme or reason. Bale came across as totally tired, and is probably glad this is the last one. However, at the end we are introduced to Robin and the possibility of another hopefully re-invigorated series.
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Dark Knight

By kgreenhalgh1
Written July 21, 2012
What a great movie! It was all I expected and more. Loved seeing Pittsburgh featured very nicely in this movie. Of course only those that are from Pittsburgh will reconize all the good shots like featuring our Steeler's!!! I must go see movie, I haven't been to one lately that the audience cheered and clapped at the end.
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By Pellegrino01
Written July 22, 2012
I might be stretching this a little bit, but not only was this the best Batman movie ever, but it might be the best movie ever. What an incredible story. Action and a plot is rear these days, but this movie had both.
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By rockabye567
Written July 20, 2012
3 hours long, but did not notice. Story line was great, and the feeling of hopelessness created by the acts of the character Bain was the what made you hang on, sound crazy I know. The intense despair and hopelessness only served to open your eyes wider and make you hang on every scene, because you felt that there was no way Batman would overcome those odds. Yet you wanted to be a witness when he does. If you are a true fan of the comic book then the 2 main plot twists near the end won't knock you to the floor, but you will still enjoy being there to see them.
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Best superhero movie (in my opninion)

By morg14
Written October 21, 2013
It makes marvel look like little kid movies. This is hands down the best superhero movie I have seen. ( just my opinion). :)
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