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Midnight showing was worth it! And the wheels on that 'cycle....CRAZY!

By msross27
Written May 24, 2016
"The Dark Knight Rises": YES HE DID!!! This movie is FRICKIN' AWESOME 8) Major props for not giving away ANYTHING in the trailers (fantastic surprises), as well as keeping the audience's attention w/that much "story" in relation to the action (in some ways this film seemed more a "drama" than an "action" flick, but in a very positive way and I'm an action gal). Bane was a little hard to understand at times but his role was phenomenally played- I'd hate to meet him in a dark or bright alley! I actually think I heard people crying towards the end of the movie lol. IDK...this may be my favorite film of 2011 considering The Avengers was fantastic and I enjoyed the new Spider-man...this one is a winner! Oh yeah...I can't recall Batman in this much daylight (in this series) in the previous 2 films and he and Bane looked great, and not fake. So rise from darkness he did. If they choose to do anything, "in any direction" in the future, I'm all in.
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Simply brilliant!

By Biggie21
Written August 29, 2016
It is the perfect end to an amazing trilogy. Your emotions will go on a serious roller coaster. Not only is the entire movie a perfect way to end the series. But the ending to the movie was just a stroke of great story telling. Now I gotta see it in IMAX!
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By aj8560
Written October 26, 2016
That has to be one of the best endings to a movie I have ever seen. It was easily worth the money spent and I can almost promise that I will see this again in theatres before it comes out on DVD. MUST SEE!
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An unexpected ending for another future perhaps...

By tt_232010
Written May 05, 2016
I was pleased with the film, yet, just like Time and other critics, I wanted more. This Batman was different, flawed and showed a behavior more common with cowards than vigilantes. Perhaps Nolan wanted a story to succeed off a hair string? A story so practical that it is believable. The character Bane was rich in substance and almost as mystique as the batman himself. There was rich, rich dialogue-somewhat esoteric-in the film. I knew going in that Nolan had huge shoes to fill. The choreography of combat was typical, nothing that batman can only do. The methods of control, subjugation and counterattack are genius. The cast was handpicked from everywhere. They even had the Steelers runnerback in this movie. Catwoman was Catwoman- A diva of her craft and ally for the Bat. I cant say that I was mesmerize like the 2008 Dark Knight. This is due partly because I knew the style Nolan would take in directing this film. But this is a Blockbuster for sure
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The Dark Knight Rises .... Then Falls

By Darkola
Written February 20, 2017
THE GOOD... Batman himself, again I enjoyed the parts of seeing him, Alfred as always, and the appearance of Catwoman, she was an added bonus to this movie, and the action sceenes. THE BAD ... Pretty much everything else, the story was terrible, the bad guy "Bane" came nowhere even close to matching a character like The Joker, I know thats a hard act to follow, but this wasnt even close by any means. The BatPlane ... or whatever you want to call it, when it first appeared all I thought of was "Really, are you kidding ?" where and how that goofy thing made it into this movie is beyond me. This was a movie I wanted to like alot, but came out so disappointed with it, especially for a movie that was going to wrap up Nolans version of Batman ... it just went wrong, from the plot of the story, to a villain that did nothing for me, to new gadgets that are to far fetched and just rediculous. The movie felt long, dragged on, and not enough of Batman, I'd give it 2 1/2 out of 4 stars.
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