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The Dark Knight Rises Synopsis
Batman (Christian Bale) faces a masked villain named Bane.
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The Dark Knight Rises Movie Review

By Spencer27057
100 out of 100 Batman is back and this time it's personal and patriotic. With a smart plot descending from the first installment of the trilogy, he takes on Bane, an largely-muscled villain that...

Midnight showing was worth it! And the wheels on that 'cycle....CRAZY!

By msross27
"The Dark Knight Rises": YES HE DID!!! This movie is FRICKIN' AWESOME 8) Major props for not giving away ANYTHING in the trailers (fantastic surprises), as well as keeping the audience's attention...

Simply brilliant!

By Biggie21
It is the perfect end to an amazing trilogy. Your emotions will go on a serious roller coaster. Not only is the entire movie a perfect way to end the series. But the ending to the movie was just a...


By aj8560
That has to be one of the best endings to a movie I have ever seen. It was easily worth the money spent and I can almost promise that I will see this again in theatres before it comes out on DVD. ...

An unexpected ending for another future perhaps...

By tt_232010
I was pleased with the film, yet, just like Time and other critics, I wanted more. This Batman was different, flawed and showed a behavior more common with cowards than vigilantes. Perhaps Nolan...

The Dark Knight Rises .... Then Falls

By Darkola
THE GOOD... Batman himself, again I enjoyed the parts of seeing him, Alfred as always, and the appearance of Catwoman, she was an added bonus to this movie, and the action sceenes. THE BAD ......

A solid ending.

By paintsniper01
"The Dark Knight Rises" was an excellent ending to the series that (without spoilers) I felt effectively ended this particular series while leaving room for expansion in this Batman universe. Anne...

A perfect yet bittersweet send off to this Batman trilogy.

By reyka_reykjavik
As before, Nolan has done his homework on the Batman storyline. He and crew have creatively put their own twist on it without crossing any lines; only blurring them to achieve great cinematic effect....

Is this Batman

By kevnic
Christopher Nolan's last installment of Dark Knight was disappointing as an action film and as a follow up to The Dark Knight. The Plot suffers as in order for the plan of the antagonist to work poor...

The trilogy deserved a better ending

By kscottcraig
Bat Man gets about twenty minutes of screen time out of a two hour, forty five minute movie. Day light does not work for the aesthetic of the movie and makes the characters appear cartoonish. The...

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Rated PG-13 | For Intense Sequences of Violence, Intense Sequences of Action, Language and Some Sensuality
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Common Sense Media says Bale's final Batman is as gritty and dark as the first two.
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