Is this the SAME Chris Nolan??!!!

By ejneri
Written July 21, 2012
Let me start by saying that I really liked Batman Begins and loved the Dark Knight. Unfortunately, this movie was NOTHING like them. Batman isn't even in three quarters of the movie. Alfred is barely in it. It mostly follows Gordon and Blake - it's really more their movie. It's about a couple of cops trying to survive in a Gotham under occupation. The quarter (if that) Batman's in he's just a punching bag. The fight scenes, especially the showdown with Bane, are just brutal and not something that's entertaining at all. The movie jumps all over the place and lacks the coherence and nuance of TDK. It's a mess. The end is also unsatisfying. As I was walking out of the theatre, the guy next to me commented that it was the worst Batman movie he ever saw. This is certainly the worst of the trilogy in my opinion. I would have felt a lot better if he stopped at TDK.
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By ncaronn
Written May 04, 2016
First PRAYERS FOR THE VICTIMS IN AURORA CO we pray you are comforted! This is the BEST MOVIE EVER (as far as action) Action immediately did a decent job following the comic story. Tom Hardy to Bane was like Heath Ledger to the Joker (God rest his soul), Nolan did a great job and the possibility of Robin will be awesome just so long as its dark as well.
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By mabbott44
Written February 07, 2016
Waited to see this post the initial buzz. Went in hearing it was great but maybe not the best of the Trilogy. My son and I think it was probably the best. Time will tell. Loved the story, the characters, the cinematography, the new toys and the pacing. While it is a long film, get why each scene was integral. Two big thumbs up.
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It Was Good But Not Great

By Omek
Written July 22, 2012
Let me preface by saying it was a good attempt with the villains provided, but the story wasn't as strong. Bane was okay, but there could have been an emphasis on the other villains. And Spoiler alert... Talia deserved more screen time. Her character was amazing but seems like too much of a side-note. Catwoman was also neglected. Anne did the best with what was written, so I'm certainly not blaming her. But come on...And you're telling me that Bruce, being that close to a nuclear explosion, would not have been vaporized? Please. That seemed like such a movie studio decision not to kill Bruce Wayne. I was okay with the Robin thing, but if you're going to have Robin replace Batman, have the balls to kill Batman. Just sayin'...
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By wolfwrath
Written November 30, 2014
HUGE fan of Batman and I did enjoy the first two Nolan movies but this one didnt do it for me. My only complaint of Bale as the Bat is the same as it has been through all three movies his voice as Batman is, to me, a distraction. Other than that he does very well in the role. Bane;s voice on the other hand REALLY bothered me. Aside from the Shaun Connery impression I could not understand a great deal of what he said...and I was in an IMAX theater with awesome sound. I didnt hate this movie but I think, as happens in Hollywood, they try to go so big and kinda of loose the story along the way. The reason the Averngers was so well done is they made a movie with a great appeal to non and casual comic fans but did the little things that connects with us comic nerds. Worth seeing but clearly the worst of the trilogy of Nolans...........oh and Batman was not in half the movie...I guess I just did not get it
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