Absolutely Spectacular

By gshauger
Written December 08, 2016
To the 13% on RottenTomatoes that gave the Dark Knight Rising a "rotten" I'm trying my best not to laugh too hard at you. TDKR is an absolutely epic movie going experience. Is it perfect? No, it does compromise some tightness in the narrative because of the scope and scale. Some scenes and characters deserved more time but instead get lost in the shuffle. Is it Nolan's best? No, that distinction still belongs to Inception. But the movie still towers above 90% of the summer schlock. Movies like The Avengers come off like a Saturday morning cartoon in comparison. Bane just might be one of the best villains ever...it's worth seeing for him alone and the Cat Woman far exceeded my expectations...what some feared was going to be a disaster turned out to be one of the movie's strongest elements. All in all an incredible end to one of the best trilogies ever and by far the greatest comic book series ever. I can only hope that Man of Steel picks up the torch...otherwise it's pretty bleak for co
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THe Dark Knight Rises

By Lesolomo
Written March 23, 2017
Very entertaining for us geeks but the details may have been to much for those not familiar with the genre. Lot of action and mayhem , maybe too much dialogue, at times I had difficulty understanding Blane. It was definitely for the grown kids "Fun loving adults". Good script a bit dark in color and scope. See it at Imax.
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Full Circle

By ramzyx2
Written July 29, 2012
For a movie trilogy that wasn't exactly "planned"...it ends up being the BEST superhero trilogy ever! A truly Epic ending to Chris Nolan's story. This movie has crazy set pieces so brilliantly filmed in IMAX along with many other choice character moments. That's where this film truly shines...the characters. Once again, Nolan breaks downs who is everyone behind their masks. Behind what they are only perceived as, and displays their soul. This is genius, and why you will feel the film stay with you after you've left the theatre. Christian Bale has never been better as Bruce OR Batman. Anne Hathaway is a little scene stealer and an excellent choice as Catwom...ehh, Selina Kyle ;). Of course, Mr. Tom Hardy as Bane. Pretty damn Perfect. If the Joker created anarchy in Gotham as an absract...Bane is the pure, unflinching Force of that anarchy...personified. From his voice, to his eyes. Its an unerving performance and great to watch. The Dark Knight Rises. Genius. Period.
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Did not live up to the hype

By beingfrank
Written July 29, 2012
I was excited about seeing the Dark Knight Rises. I sat through this long and winded movie, that tried and failed to delve into the hearts of these characters. Most of the movie was good, but, I was upset by the ending. I won't give it away, but, it strayed from the BATMAN storyline. If you see it, wait for the dvd.
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Good, but not great

By CrazyExcalibur
Written July 21, 2012
This was not better than The Avengers, and definitely doesn't hold a candle to The Dark Knight. Way too much story for how long this movie is, and not enough action. Even still if you enjoyed the first two films, this one is worth the watch. Bain is sometimes difficult to understand, and sometimes you can understand him perfectly. This can be frustrating. The fighting scenes are really great and the story does finish nicely. These Batman films are more realistic to the Marvel movies, but I find the Marvel movies more fun, at least compared to this one. All the reviews stating what a masterpiece this is....I don't understand except to say it's fanboys. This is not a masterpiece as it is not better than the second film. Almost as if no one dares say anything bad about these Batman films. Good way to finish the trilogy though, everything gets tied up nicely.
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