Dark Knight Rises - Best Batman movie ever!!!

By cannesosa
Written August 13, 2012
Although a Batman movie, the story-line was exciting with surprising twists. I loved how they tied the sequel to the last movie and incorporated certain characters. Love the special effects and it was amazing on IMAX!!! Highly recommended.
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Best Ever!

By randybagwell
Written July 21, 2012
This is clearly the best Batman movie ever made. I haven't seen a movie that was this intense in a long time. This is a must see movie.
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Anything but mediocre!

By djguy123
Written July 24, 2012
Everyone that says this movie does not live up to a hype must've not been watching the same movie I did. From the incredibly powerful fight scenes to some really emotional scenes, I truly believe this movie had it all. You will not be let down for one second, while watching this. Two hours and forty five minutes will fly-by.
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Rise of The Dark Knight

By ghostnine
Written August 28, 2012
As a presumed finale to interesting dark trilogy of the evolution of an iconic American Hero/Anti-Hero... found story script well done! Plot twists not nearly predictable or filled with worthless sentiment and or stoic symbols of truth justice and the like... IMAX experience superior way to view this modern day epic... Thoroughly enjoyed it... as though I were 8 years of age again-craining my neck to see every camera angle or focal sweep while the sound send reverberations into my neck hairs... and they previewed next James Bond as well as a return of Raiders... I'm already there to catch both... thanks and enjoy the ride!!!
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Simple Amazing

By jmccloy77
Written July 21, 2012
I would definately recommend seeing this movie in IMAX. To see the whole film, with the quality and sound of IMAX, you wont be disappointed. This movie has a few surprises, Great fight scenes, and at the end, will leave you wanting more. Half the people in the theatre didnt want to leave when the movie ended. Everyone wanted more. Has a superb cast. Thought they all did an amazing Job. jjGo see it in IMAX
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