By auniversalmind
Written July 20, 2012
...Like I said Masterpiece. This movie is PHENOMENAL. Another Nolan movie that has broken the grounds of film making. If you're iffy on the going to see the movie because of the idea that the Joker was "the best", you'll be in for a thrilling surprise to see that this movie surpasses The Dark Knight. Catwoman/Anne Hathaway's opening moments of her character will have you cheering for her outstanding acting performance, and when Bane/Tom Hardy starts to terrorize everything and has a fight with Batman you'll forget everything about the Joker. The story is mind blowing and also fulfilling, you'll be wanting to give a standing applause before the movie is over. Dark Knight Rises finishes the trilogy in pure excellence.
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By flored01
Written July 20, 2012
This is the best of the best!! I attended the movie's premeire and it really did take me by surprise. The movie was nothing near what I expected, it was better! Gotta see it in IMAX!
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By wbrownsell
Written July 20, 2012
The best acting in the movie goes to Micheal Cane. This isnt to say that Bale and Hatheway's acting wasnt excellent because it was and its the glue that holds this movie together. It was a little difficult connecting the plot dots at times and there wasnt enough Batman, but thats true of all the Batman movies. Over all, inspite of a B movie feel at times, I highly recommend seeing this in IMAX!
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Move over Mr. Spielberg et al.......

By Oscar Wilde
Written July 22, 2012
Chris Nolan's vision, direction and execution puts him in a league without peers. The Batman trilogy is 100% cinematic heroin. Mr. Nolan has now officially relegated his competition to mere purveyors of cheap imitations in the form of cinematic methadone.
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“The Dark Knight Rises”, a total let down

By johnnymolson
Written July 22, 2012
This film may actually wind up being the biggest let down of all time. Let me start by saying that if you were in any way a fan of the comic books, stay away from this film. They pissed all over DC history like Marvel did in the X-Men series. What makes the film such a huge disappointment is partially the fact that the previous two films were original scripts involving characters from the Batman series. This movie attempts to mash together several classic story arcs in an uncoordinated fashion. If you’re not biased by being a Batman fan, just know that this film doesn’t compare to either of the first two. It runs 2 hours 45 minutes and could have easily been an hour and a half. Batman is only in about 25 minutes and by then you just don’t give a **** anymore. Staying awake for the first hour of the film was a real challenge. The story was very dialogue driven but at times it was very hard to understand what Bane was saying. They should have subtitled him.
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