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May I have seconds and sevenths

By The Magic Man
Written October 17, 2008
I don't think I need to add any more than what has been said about his amazing piece of work. Outstanding job done be all all the way down to the gaffer and Mr. Ledgers persoanl assistant. I will say I as hoping to dislike the Joke character for the fact that we lost Heath Leader and will not be able to reprise the role, but I have fallen victim to the charisma and amazing portrayal of the clown prince he brought to the screen. I hear about the negative vibes others got from the rasp in Batman's voice, but there does need to be a distict difference between the two characters that Bale as solidified as his own. I am happy to continue to contribute to the beat Titanic cause further, but after seeing this film sevens times in theaters, I think I'll just have to see it a fee times more. I completely recommend this movie, I love the dark ovetone Nolan has cast on this film and hope he will continue to cast larger shadows on this industry.
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Absolutely Awesome

By John_Rocco
Written July 17, 2008
I loved Iron Man and the Hulk, but this movie by far blew those out of the water. The joker is amazing, i was in awe of Ledger's acting the entire movie. This was definitely the best movie made in a LONG TIME, and i don't just mean SuperHero movie. Christian Bale impresses again as well, and more Morgan Freeman means more enjoyment for me. The other supporting actors were also outstanding in their roles. This movie has everything a movie needs to be a blockbuster. RIP Heath Ledger. All hype aside, he without a doubt deserves an oscar for this role. A+, Must Go.
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Possibly the best movie I've ever seen

By blit
Written July 20, 2008
There is something mesmerizing about the Dark Knight. This movie really took me to another place while I was watching it. I was totally immersed in this movie. I saw it at an IMAX and was just completely blown away. Amazing movie. This is a must go.
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Dark Knight review.

By MrRay
Written June 30, 2016
I loved this movie so much that I had to buy it. And I also saw it 3 times in Imax. Christian Bale and Heath Ledger were great in it without a doubt! I feel that Heaths' version as the joker was comical and sadistic, but the casting director exactly what they were doing when they chose him to play the joker. I think one of the scariest scenes in Hollywood is when the Joker is sitting in jail. The makeup is enough to scare you for sure! Heath will be missed for his other movies for sure but I feel that the Dark Knight was his finest! He was a classic actor and one of his kind.
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Best Superhero film ever!

By echosix
Written July 21, 2008
Prior to seeing The Dark Knight, I have to admit that NONE of the previous Batman movies would be on the list of my favorite Superhero films. Not a single one. I always saw each and every one of them as an extension of the ego of the director, as well as a marketing technique for the production company. Not even the '89 Batman with Keaton. I just never connected with it very much, except for the suit. And I'll leave it at that. Now... Not only has "The Dark Knight" absolutley SLAMMED itself to the top of my list for favorite Superhero films... It's also pretty far up there on my list for favorite all around films of all time.
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